Super Berries

Many of us like strawberries. Some people love them. Did you know that it
has been recently discovered that these little red beauties are a super food?
Yes science has dug into our favorite foods once again and unearthed some
great news.

What makes a food a Super Food? It is the quality of providing the
nutrition we need for energy, and going beyond that. By this I mean instead
of just feeling full and having more energy you are reaping many (behind the
scenes) benefits.

Ones like more virility, stamina, heart health, slower aging ect… With
basically zero fat, loads of good fiber and essential vitamins and sub nutrients
super foods are the kryptonite of bad health. The most popular one of these
being Omega 3’s. The good fatty acids.

More and more people are becoming aware of real nutrition and where it can be
found. If you love strawberries you can feel even better for it.