Two Young Girls Show You How To Whip/NaeNae In a Wheelchair

Lately I find myself avoiding social media, in an attempt to escape some of the depressing things going on in the world. Obviously it isn’t possible to avoid all bad news, but I have become a pro at filtering what I subject myself to, and that means unplugging and decompressing from social media. Recently I have made a conscious decision to seek good news, I crave it, and it is making my life just a little brighter everyday.

The most adorable post I stumbled upon this week, is about two adorable little girls that are beating the odds, and enjoying a fun, and active life while battling Spina Bifida. Mayli and Brooklyn, have gone viral after a video of the two young girls dancing to “Watch Me,” splashed onto the internet. The video is a treat to watch, as Mayli and Brooklyn whip their hair, and spin in their wheelchairs doing the “nae nae” and “stanky leg.” Anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock this summer, knows that the newest dance craze to sweep the nation is accompanied by the song “Watch Me,” and you can spend hours online watching the millions of uploads by various people, putting their own spin on the dance.

Mayli and Brookyln have quickly become an internet sensation, proving that they aren’t going to let Spina Bifida, or a wheelchair keep them from having fun. Apparently Mayli’s mother started a dance class, for other children in wheelchairs that love to dance just as much as her daughter, she currently has GoFundMe campaign for the class, where she explains the name “Ayita,” is a Cherokee name meaning “first to dance.”

Mayli loves to dance, and her mother insists that her daughter does not see her wheelchair as an excuse to miss out on her passion. Now that Brooklyn and Mayli have teamed up they have regular slumber parties, and kitchen dance battles. Their “Whip/Nae Nae” video is popping up everywhere and they are stealing the hearts of everyone that watches. Seeing Mayli and Brooklyn dancing so freely, is just the thing to pull anyone out of a slump. When it comes to being inspired, there is nothing like watching children overcome the odds, and show you that there are no excuses for not being happy.

As the views tick in these two amazing little girls are spreading happiness around the world, and all they are doing is being their fantastic selves. Check out the video for yourself, and grab a smile on the house.

Magli the Makeup Artist Goes Viral for Her Celebrity Makeup Transformation Video

These days, makeup is the has become a form of witchcraft. We’ve spent over a year wondering how Kylie Jenner achieved her plump lips, everyone knew they weren’t all natural but the debate wasn’t about their authenticity, it was about getting down to the facts. Kylie’s mysteriously plump lips drove women and girls crazy everywhere, and when asked, Kylie insisted that she’d never had work done on her lips. Kylie actually insisted that she didn’t have any desire to have any form of cosmetic surgery or enhancements. The internet wasn’t satisfied with Kylie’s short answer to social media’s burning question, and before long the Kylie Jenner Challenge was taking over.

Teenagers all over the world were uploading videos of themselves, sucking their lips into shot glasses in an attempt to get the famous Kylie pout. Unfortunately some of the videos resulted in trips to the emergency room, and others just looked ridiculous. Kylie took to social media once again to tell everyone that her lips were simply a mixture of over lining her natural lips with liner, and filling them in to look fuller. Oddly weeks later the clips of Kylie admitting to using temporary lip fillers went viral and the real secret is out.

As much as people would love to believe that makeup can work magic, it’s obvious that makeup can’t totally transform someones appearance as drastically as Kylie tried to make us believe. But the truth is that makeup actually can, make a person almost unrecognizable. In Drake’s latest music video for his song “Energy,” makeup artists use their talent to transform him into Miley Cyrus, Oprah, Kanye West and Justin Bieber. If Drake can look like Oprah with the help of makeup, anyone can look like just about anything.

It looks like someone else wants in on the the fun, recently a makeup artist by the name of Magali went viral after a uploading a video of herself transforming into various celebrities. Anyone who has been on social media, is likely to have see the video of woman that goes from looking like Drake, to Jay-z all with the help of makeup. The video is both amazing, and equally spooky, you can’t help but be impressed with the skills of the artist. At one point of the video the woman transforms into Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Tupac and even Chris Brown. 

Magli is from Paris, currently living in St Marteen, and she already has a large following on Instagram and youtube. Her viral video is getting her lots of attention, but from the looks of her social media pages, this isn’t the first time that she’s done drastic celebrity makeovers. Magli’s video is everywhere right now, and thats a good thing because she has her sights set on a successful career. With all the focus these days on the power of makeup skills, it’s starting to look like maybe less people will have to opt for a trip to the doctor’s office, as long as they know how to work a brush.