11 yr. Old Boy Gives Wheelchairs To The Needy

Have you ever looked at a terrible situation from over seas and thought
“I wish I could help somehow” to yourself? This young man did too. His name
is Zack Francom, founder of “Zack’s Shack”

He was inspired by a school fundraiser for wheelchairs for a Mormon church charity.
After being inspired to help he erected his first Zack’s Shack. After selling 80
quarts of lemonade and 350 dozen cookies (home made) he earned 5,300 dollars
for his cause.

So what did this 11 year old do with his new found small fortune? He used it to
purchase 37 wheelchairs and had them shipped to poor families in desperate need.
The chairs were shipped to Guam, Guatemala and 53 other countries to help
those who cannot afford the help.

What an inspirational young man. We will probably hear more from him as he gets
older and more ambitious. The sky seems to be the limit for this big dreamer.

It is refreshing to see stories like this one from our kids today.
Much more inspiring and hopeful to see our children setting this kind of
example for us to follow.
Well done Zack.


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