Donald Trump is Expecting 8th Grandchild

By now most people know that Donald Trump is running for the Republican Party and the presidency. However, when he posted a comment on Facebook stating that his daughter Ivanka was having her third child, the world got to see a softer side emerge. Ivanka is well known for being on the hit television show “The Apprentice.” This would be the third child for her and husband, and the couple could not be happier.

Ivanka faded from the limelight for a while to focus on motherhood. She has two children, Arabella, and Joseph, and they are both pretty young. While young and a handful, they still understand that their mother is going to have another baby. Arabella stated that she wants a girl, and her brother Joseph really wants a boy to play with. For Ivanka and her husband Jared, they will be happy with whatever they are given. As long as the baby is happy and healthy, they will be satisfied.

For the Donald, this means grandchild number 8. He is not one for expressing a soft and grandfatherly side of himself, but the people seemed to relate to that. While he is dropping in the polls to competitor Ben Carson, he’s still a frontrunner in the competition. Trump is known for a harsh exterior presentation and he doesn’t allow anyone really inside his private life. His wife of nearly ten years, Melania, is also very private about their personal life. Though they have one child, Barron, he is rarely seen in public.

Donald announced his excitement about the new addition to the family on Facebook and Twitter. The world rejoiced with him when he showed the sweet pictures of Ivanka and her family with a big number “3” being held to announce the news. Perhaps the Donald is a really good grandfather and does more than just try to buy the affection of his grandchildren. Behind the exterior of Donald’s feverish nature, could be a person that the world has no clue about. If he makes it to be the president of the US, he will have quite a gathering during the holidays. With 5 children and 8 grandchildren, he will have to make room at the massive dining room for all his beloved family members.

Ivanka has some of the similar characteristics of her father, but she surprised everyone when she dropped out of the limelight to be a mom. With her larger than life father, she can always make a come back when she’s done being a full-time mom.


Donald Trump: Good for Politics, Great for America!

The bad news: they’ve called him a clown, a detriment to the world of politicking, a huckster and an opportunistic that should stick with what he’s famous for: firing people from fake jobs.

The good news: Donald Trump has energized the public’s interest in politics. Whether or not he should be leading the free world isn’t the point. The man has got us thinking about something we normally take for granted: how government affects us.

Inc. asks us to reevaluate the Trump candidacy. I myself spend as little time as possible talking about politics. If I do, it’s likely going to be with a group of friends that I’m comfortable with. To my mind, politics is far too volatile a subject to broach with anyone. (That’s why it’s unlikely I’d campaign or volunteer to work for any candidate, even one I’d vote for blindly.) But The Donald opens up the discussion by presenting politics in such broad strokes that you can freely talk about the state of government and, hence, the state of politics. These are subjects we should all be concerned with regardless of where we stand, but tend to stay mum. Or worse, ignore completely by not going to the polls. And I do consider myself part of the problem since it takes a Donald Trump to force me to be vocal about issues of the day and the direction I’d like to see our government go in.

From the moment The Donald made his presidential announcement by majestically lowering himself to the masses via a Trump Tower escalator and made one of the longest announcement speeches in political history (almost 110 minutes – the length of a movie!), he has forced us to look at the importance of ideals and government.

My argument isn’t that Donald Trump is the best or worst candidate. It’s not even about his frank honesty that most politicians haven’t the audacity to apply to their campaigns. This is about how we choose to shape America. From Al Sharpton to Ralph Nader to Donald Trump, it’s about getting the American people curious about the potential of government and what we can do about it. If the Donald does become commander-in-chief, it will be because we made the decision. And if he doesn’t, it will be for the same reason. I just hope it doesn’t stop us from growing the passion that a candidacy like his can ignite in voters. That’s good for politics and good for all of us.

Super Berries

Many of us like strawberries. Some people love them. Did you know that it
has been recently discovered that these little red beauties are a super food?
Yes science has dug into our favorite foods once again and unearthed some
great news.

What makes a food a Super Food? It is the quality of providing the
nutrition we need for energy, and going beyond that. By this I mean instead
of just feeling full and having more energy you are reaping many (behind the
scenes) benefits.

Ones like more virility, stamina, heart health, slower aging ect… With
basically zero fat, loads of good fiber and essential vitamins and sub nutrients
super foods are the kryptonite of bad health. The most popular one of these
being Omega 3’s. The good fatty acids.

More and more people are becoming aware of real nutrition and where it can be
found. If you love strawberries you can feel even better for it.

11 yr. Old Boy Gives Wheelchairs To The Needy

Have you ever looked at a terrible situation from over seas and thought
“I wish I could help somehow” to yourself? This young man did too. His name
is Zack Francom, founder of “Zack’s Shack”

He was inspired by a school fundraiser for wheelchairs for a Mormon church charity.
After being inspired to help he erected his first Zack’s Shack. After selling 80
quarts of lemonade and 350 dozen cookies (home made) he earned 5,300 dollars
for his cause.

So what did this 11 year old do with his new found small fortune? He used it to
purchase 37 wheelchairs and had them shipped to poor families in desperate need.
The chairs were shipped to Guam, Guatemala and 53 other countries to help
those who cannot afford the help.

What an inspirational young man. We will probably hear more from him as he gets
older and more ambitious. The sky seems to be the limit for this big dreamer.

It is refreshing to see stories like this one from our kids today.
Much more inspiring and hopeful to see our children setting this kind of
example for us to follow.
Well done Zack.