Firefighters Mow Lawn of 86 Year Old Man Who Suffers A Heart Attack

Firefighters have a dangerous job, and they often work long and tiring shifts. However, what seemed like just another normal day on Saturday, August 22, 2015, was anything but ordinary. A man was outside mowing his grass in the heat of the day. 65-year-old Ralph McCrory has heart problems and it is not uncommon for it to take him four days to get his grass mowed. Being out in this heart was a big no-no for those who have heart problems or any sort of health condition. He felt ill and called for 9-1-1. He was having a heart attack. The closest to respond to the Spring Hill man was the first responder team from the Hernando County Fire Department. The men from Squad 2 arrived on the scene and stabilized the man. He was then transported to the Oak hill Hospital where he is in stable condition. They saved his life, but that is not all they did for this men.

The members of the Squad 2 grab the lawnmower and finished the job that was started. They took time and made sure that every line was straight and even the driveway was brushed clean from grass clippings. No, this was no ordinary day for these men. They went above and beyond the call of duty. The next door neighbor, Jacob Shipp, took several pictures of the men working hard. He put the pictures on social media and even sent them to the local news channels. When interviewed, he told the reporter that so many times people are so busy in their lives that they don’t have time to help others. These guys were no doubt really busy men and yet they took the time to help out an elderly man with a heart condition.

The yard needed cut, but they laid down their hectic schedules to help someone in need. The neighbor was moved to tears by their generous acts, as was the rest of the neighborhood. The Tampa sun sure is hot this time of year; it is dangerous for anyone to be out in it, especially those with poor health. Yet, these firemen often are in gear that weighs an incredible amount of weight and they no doubt sweat while they are in it. So for now, the grass seems to be like it has been taken care of. Hats off to Squad 2 from the Hernando County Fire Department for taking the time to show an elderly man that there are still good people in this old world.


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