Healthy Lifestyle Advice from Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark has been featured on this blog before, so you’re probably familiar with his interesting leadership tactics. This article, released through Business Wire, goes into the story of the of his interview with asPire Magazine. It talks about Joseph Bismark’s vegetarian literature, apps, and exercise regime. He is revealed to be an advocate of a lifestyle that is very healthy in a holistic fashion. Among the things he uses for his workout is the kettlebells and the “rip:60” in order to increase his strength and flexibility. He tracks his progress with the use of an app called MapMyRide for his cycling sessions. He records his distance, pace, elevation, speed, duration and the amount of calories that he has burned.

Joseph Bismark is a spiritual leader first off and a businessman after that. He incorporates spiritual principles into his company so that people can work well together and bring his company to greater levels of growth and prosperity. He uses his business in order to reach people of all walks of life and help them realize their true value. He has gained his spiritual inclination from his time in the mountains as a monk through a good chunk of his childhood. It was when he came back that he has decided to use his spiritual lessons that he has learned and apply it to business practices.

Outside of his business activities, he is also a speaker for people who teaches on spirituality. After that, he is also a philanthropist who reaches out to people who are at a disadvantage in life. He also offers plenty of opportunities for them to seek something that will enrich their lives. One of the things that define Joseph Bismark is that he truly values the lives of others. He sees the same potential for greatness in everyone, no matter what their past, background or other aspects of each person he deals with. He treats them as equals. He listens to people and tries to work with each and every person. He does not just dictate people in his business. He truly leads by example and is very gentle. His example is going to be picked up by other businesses.


Firefighters Mow Lawn of 86 Year Old Man Who Suffers A Heart Attack

Firefighters have a dangerous job, and they often work long and tiring shifts. However, what seemed like just another normal day on Saturday, August 22, 2015, was anything but ordinary. A man was outside mowing his grass in the heat of the day. 65-year-old Ralph McCrory has heart problems and it is not uncommon for it to take him four days to get his grass mowed. Being out in this heart was a big no-no for those who have heart problems or any sort of health condition. He felt ill and called for 9-1-1. He was having a heart attack. The closest to respond to the Spring Hill man was the first responder team from the Hernando County Fire Department. The men from Squad 2 arrived on the scene and stabilized the man. He was then transported to the Oak hill Hospital where he is in stable condition. They saved his life, but that is not all they did for this men.

The members of the Squad 2 grab the lawnmower and finished the job that was started. They took time and made sure that every line was straight and even the driveway was brushed clean from grass clippings. No, this was no ordinary day for these men. They went above and beyond the call of duty. The next door neighbor, Jacob Shipp, took several pictures of the men working hard. He put the pictures on social media and even sent them to the local news channels. When interviewed, he told the reporter that so many times people are so busy in their lives that they don’t have time to help others. These guys were no doubt really busy men and yet they took the time to help out an elderly man with a heart condition.

The yard needed cut, but they laid down their hectic schedules to help someone in need. The neighbor was moved to tears by their generous acts, as was the rest of the neighborhood. The Tampa sun sure is hot this time of year; it is dangerous for anyone to be out in it, especially those with poor health. Yet, these firemen often are in gear that weighs an incredible amount of weight and they no doubt sweat while they are in it. So for now, the grass seems to be like it has been taken care of. Hats off to Squad 2 from the Hernando County Fire Department for taking the time to show an elderly man that there are still good people in this old world.

Riding the Rails in the 21st Century

Unlike many people my age, I do not take the view that the younger generations are necessarily ignorant or foolish. Instead, I believe youth to be a time for exploring possibilities and maybe finding a novel or unexpected way to solve such problems as finding an affordable place to live.

A young German woman, Leonie Müller, has attracted the attention of such publications as and the South China Morning Post by becoming a modern-day nomad who lives on trains.

Müller is a 23-year-old student who attends Tübingen University which is 18.6 miles south of Stuttgart. After a dispute with her landlord last spring, Müller not only decided to leave her apartment but also decided to leave apartment life altogether. She decided it would be cheaper and easier to live on a train, so she bought a BahnCard 100 which lets her board trains for free. According to a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn, the German railway, 40,000 other people also have use BahnCards. The BahnCard 100 costs 379 euros or $590 per month. The trains provide WiFi Internet access, so her BahnCard covers that as well.

Müller likes the freedom of her lifestyle which lets her visit friends and explore new cities. She travels light, taking only a backpack full of clothes, toiletries, college papers and a tablet computer. She has begun blogging about her experiences and will use the results for her bachelor thesis in Media Studies.

For Müller, the biggest difficulty has been sleeping on the train. Because of her concern about somebody stealing her backpack, she can manage only the occasional nap. When possible, she prefers to disembark and sleep at a friend or relative’s house. The train is also noisy, so she uses headphones which she describes as a “must.” Müller washes her hair in the train bathroom. Despite the difficulties, Müller plans to remain a nomad until at least next April when she finishes her studies.

In the meantime, Müller considers her current living arrangements to be an experiment that will help her understand how temporary homelessness affects a person. While many studies have concluded that long commutes are bad for people, Müller believes perception pays a role in that. If somebody sees a long commute as a tedious slog but still makes one every day, their unhappiness will affect their health eventually. Müller, however, enjoys her nomadic lifestyle for the most part. She likes meeting and watching people on the train, and she likes train rides.

Panda Twins Born at National Zoo

One of the most loved animals in the National Zoo, the giant panda, became a mother of twins this past week. Mei Xiang gave birth to the first panda baby in the early evening, a few hours later a second panda baby arrived. Both newborn pandas appear to be healthy, as does their tired mother.
Mei Xiang had been artificially inseminated in early spring using semen from a giant panda that lives in China and another giant panda, named Tian Tain, who also lives at the National Zoo. Zoo officials were knew the insemination procedure worked, but will not be able to determine which giant panda is the father of the twins until a DNA test is performed at a later date. Mei Xiang had been carefully monitored during her pregnancy and preparation had been made for the birth. When the giant pandas water broke, everything was quickly organized to help the birth go as smoothly as possible.
The newborn cubs are tiny, with one weighing 4 ounces and the other weighing 3 ounces. They are vulnerable at this point, but both appear to be strong and healthy and both are vocalizing, which is another sign of health. Mei Xiang has given birth in the past to two healthy cubs and proven herself to be a very good mother. Her first born is 10 years old and lives in China and her second born is now two years old and will be sent to China when he turns four.
After so many failed attempts and heartbreak over the loss of pandas babies, zookeepers are very optimistic about the survival of these newborn twin pandas. To help ensure the survival of these tiny babies, zookeepers are swapping them out every few hours so each can have time to nurse and bond with mom. If left to follow her own natural instincts, Mei Xiang would nurse one twin and let the other one die, so human intervention is required to ensure the survival of both panda babies. While one baby nurses, the other one is kept in an incubator. Zookeepers have made the swap several times since their birth without incident and will continue the swapping method as long as mom Mei Xiang allows it without becoming aggressive towards those making the swap. Should that occur or if the cubs become underweight or sick, zookeepers are prepared to bottle feed the tiny pandas.

Good News For Car Battery Power Lovers: Tesla’s Stock Sale Raises More Than $738 Million

Elon Musk has spent millions of dollars of his own money in the quest to make a luxury car that is run on battery power. Most automakers thought he was crazy starting a new car company, especially a car company that didn’t play by the standard automobile making rules. Musk and his team showed the auto industry and the world that anything is possible if you have enough money, and a dream that other people believe in. Tesla is now a sought after brand, and the company’s most recent stock offer added more than $738 million to the company’s bank account, according to

Fortune also reported that a grand total of 3.1 million shares were sold at a price of $242 a share recently.The interesting fact is the stock’s underwriters, Goldman Sachs and Morgan bought more than 2 million of those shares. It seems fueling cars using a strong car battery is no longer a pipe dream in the minds of investors. Fossil-fuel less cars are now the rage in the auto world. Companies like Toyota and Nissan believe in Elon Musk, and they have invested in his company. Those companies are also producing their own version of gasless automobiles.

Tesla has the pedal to the medal now that the company has enough money to get their new Model X crossover on the streets, and to continue construction on their massive Giga BatteryFactory in Reno, Nevada. Musk is not only fueling cars with battery power; he wants homes and offices to use battery power instead of the power supplied by electric companies. His new home batteries are a hit, and production is sold out for years.

If there was ever a good news story, it is the story of Elon Musk and his business adventures. From PayPal to Space X and beyond, Elon Mush is a modern day Ben Franklin that lives for the thrill of changing the way people experience life. Musk and his team of executives are changing the auto industry, the space exploration industry, and the home and office electric power industry.

Two Young Girls Show You How To Whip/NaeNae In a Wheelchair

Lately I find myself avoiding social media, in an attempt to escape some of the depressing things going on in the world. Obviously it isn’t possible to avoid all bad news, but I have become a pro at filtering what I subject myself to, and that means unplugging and decompressing from social media. Recently I have made a conscious decision to seek good news, I crave it, and it is making my life just a little brighter everyday.

The most adorable post I stumbled upon this week, is about two adorable little girls that are beating the odds, and enjoying a fun, and active life while battling Spina Bifida. Mayli and Brooklyn, have gone viral after a video of the two young girls dancing to “Watch Me,” splashed onto the internet. The video is a treat to watch, as Mayli and Brooklyn whip their hair, and spin in their wheelchairs doing the “nae nae” and “stanky leg.” Anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock this summer, knows that the newest dance craze to sweep the nation is accompanied by the song “Watch Me,” and you can spend hours online watching the millions of uploads by various people, putting their own spin on the dance.

Mayli and Brookyln have quickly become an internet sensation, proving that they aren’t going to let Spina Bifida, or a wheelchair keep them from having fun. Apparently Mayli’s mother started a dance class, for other children in wheelchairs that love to dance just as much as her daughter, she currently has GoFundMe campaign for the class, where she explains the name “Ayita,” is a Cherokee name meaning “first to dance.”

Mayli loves to dance, and her mother insists that her daughter does not see her wheelchair as an excuse to miss out on her passion. Now that Brooklyn and Mayli have teamed up they have regular slumber parties, and kitchen dance battles. Their “Whip/Nae Nae” video is popping up everywhere and they are stealing the hearts of everyone that watches. Seeing Mayli and Brooklyn dancing so freely, is just the thing to pull anyone out of a slump. When it comes to being inspired, there is nothing like watching children overcome the odds, and show you that there are no excuses for not being happy.

As the views tick in these two amazing little girls are spreading happiness around the world, and all they are doing is being their fantastic selves. Check out the video for yourself, and grab a smile on the house.

A Kind Stranger Pays Parking Fine for Mother with Sick Child

I found some uplifting news while I was browsing the web. On the Fox 8 News website, there is a story of a troubled mom who found help from a generous stranger. This article has gone viral and circulated across multiple outlets, including the Metro and TVNZ.

A mother had been spending several days in the hospital with her sick son. When he was discharged, she found a parking ticket on her car. I know something like this must have been a burden for the mother, but thankfully, help came from an unlikely source. It was then that she noticed an envelope with a letter addressed from someone named Lauren. Apparently, Lauren had paid the full price of her ticket while she was away.

The note read, “I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you are going through at the hospital is tough enough so I paid for you. Hope things get better.”

The relived mother snapped a photo of the letter and went to Facebook to express her gratitude. She made a post on Canberra Mums, a Facebook group for mothers in Canberra, Australia.

She wrote, “I hope that Laura sees this and knows how much I appreciate her support. Thank you so much.”

My initial reading of this story was filled with surprise and joy. I would never guess that a stranger would come to a mother’s aid, but it warms my heart to know people like Lauren exist. This story is a shining example of the “parking lot heroes” that you hear about in the news. These kind souls go out of the way to help strangers in need. Laura is a role model for how we should not hesitate to lend a helping hand for a stranger in need.

Systems first and the goals will follow.

Have you ever set goals and then felt frustration because you did not achieve them? Do you sometimes have the nagging feeling that because you have not reached a goal, you are somehow not yet good enough for something, in some way? Have you not reached a goal you had set with a deadline, and then struggled to not think of yourself as a failure? I know I have, and over the years, I have at times come to think that setting goals can have a negative aspect.

We hear the stories of olympic champions, world champion teams, and hugely successful businessmen who got to where they are by setting a goal and not giving up. However, for everyone of them, there are 100 or 1000 who did not achieve their goals. For every Super Bowl championship team there are 31 teams who also set out to be champion that year. Is it reasonable to think the team who ended up winning simply believed more and were more relentless in that belief?

Recently, I came across an article by James Clear at that made me stop and think about these questions. His suggestion is that concentrating on one’s goals is not the only reason for success. Yes, having a goal points you in the right direction. James instead suggests that we put the emphasis on the systems that get us to our goals. In the article,, James discusses how goals and systems interact to help us reach our dreams.

I found the article liberating and inspiring. Looking back, I see that success has come when for reasons of luck, circumstances, or passion, I have had the right system to acheive my goals. There is a certain peace to be found in this change in focus. There is a reflection of the idea of being in the now, of going with the flow. An aspect of releasing and accepting what comes. When you know you can reach the target, you relax and just do what needs to be done to get there.

As I put James Clear’s ideas into practice, I find progress to be easier and more consistent. The letdown because I did not hit the goal for the week does not linger. I just keep doing the system. The trap of setting the goal even higher next week and the ensuing anxiety is gone. James is on to something here.

Trooper Calms Family In Emergency Situation

Recent news stories have not depicted police officers in a good light. Reports have suggested that police do not care about the people they are hired to protect. This is not what is the whole truth though. There are a vast number of officers who do take their duties to serve and protect very seriously. Some even go above and beyond the call of duty to aid individuals who are in need.

A Pennsylvania State Trooper noticed a vehicle broken down on the side of the road. While his duties mandated that he stop and check on what the issue may be, he went farther than simply checking on the driver and the passengers. The Trooper stayed with the vehicle to ensure that the people in the vehicle were safe and on their way again.

When the Trooper approached the vehicle, he noticed a single woman and her two children. They seemed to be worried and he sought to help them stay calm until help arrived. The Trooper spent the time while waiting for their tow truck to arrive, telling the children stories and keeping them amused.

The driver applauds his attention and care to her situation, and even wrote a shining letter of thanks to his department. The officer did not need to spend almost an hour waiting for a tow truck and entertaining the children. What he did was far above and beyond his call of duty for that situation.

After the family had been successfully towed to a garage for fixing, the Trooper went farther to stay in touch with them. About a week later, the family received a letter in the mail from the Trooper. Inside that envelope was a letter and a couple of Trooper patches for the children.

The letter denoted that the Trooper had noticed how much the two children wanted patches like his own. The Trooper went about getting them those patches and then sending them off to them. Truly an act of kindness from a person who truly cares about the people he is vested with protecting.

This Trooper went above and beyond the required duties for his job description. This does show that while some police may step over the line once in a while, this is not true of all officers. The news about caring and serving should be the forefront of what we see about the police, not the bad.