Ciara Did The National Anthem Justice

When someone performs ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ you can guess that there will be some negative reviews of it. There have been many celebrities over the years who have made a mess of the precious song, and now every time that it is being sung people feel on edge, waiting to see if the singer will be the next to mess it up. But, fans at the All-Stargame, and those watching it on TV, got to hear a performance of the song that they could feel proud of. No one had to wince when Ciara sang the national anthem. She did the song justice.

There are so many events that you attend where a singer won’t put their all into this special song, but Ciara’s versionwasn’t one of them. It was an honor for her to be able to sing this song in front of a crowd as large as the one at the All-Star game, and she didn’t miss the opportunity to impress. She did her best to sing the song well, and everyone was impressed by her performance. Instead of messing up the song, like so many other celebrities have done before her, she was able to do the song justice. She made everyone proud with the performance that she gave.
After she was done singing the song, Ciara received many tweets from other celebrities telling her what a good job that she had done. Her good performance of the national anthem didn’t go unnoticed. It was a win for everyone when she decided to try her hardest to sing this song well. Everyone at the game got to enjoy a song that was well done, everyone at home that was watching the game got to do the same, and now Ciara has also gotten a little bit of attention for what she has done, as well.

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