Overcoming the Odds

It is truly a beautiful moment when we see a person who is less fortunate than ourselves functioning as the average Joe. Many people still think that people who have disabilities are not able to work and live as other people who do not have them do. 

One truly magnificent gentleman has shown us that even though he suffers from a handicap, he too deserves a job and a good life. Nick completed a seven-month course with a company called eTrac, which specifically helps to train people to enter the workforce even if they have a disability. Nick decided to apply to Walmart upon completion of his training program. After two very long telephone interviews, Nick sat and waited to hear back from Walmart.

Unfortunately, Nick missed the call he had been waiting so patiently for. Without fail, when he discovered they had left him a voicemail asking for a return phone call, he was excited and scared at the same time. Upon returning the call, Nick was happily offered a position at Walmart as a greeter. He eagerly accepted the job offer and hopes that his story can inspire others to do the same. 

It is hard to believe that in 2015, there are probably still people who discriminate against people with a disability. Obviously the degree of the disability plays a role on whether or not employment is possible. Many people with physical and mental disabilities are more than capable to hold a position in the workplace. Mega corporations such as Walmart, McDonalds and Burger King, to name a few, happily hire people with disabilities. 

Nick’s happy smile is sure to warm everyone’s heart. His genuine kindness shines light a light. Maybe we should stop for a minute and take a look at more people like Nick. We probably could learn a lesson or two. If everyone would simply take one moment to realize that a genuine smile can do wonders to lighten your mood or even brighten someone else’s day, maybe we would do it more. So maybe the next time you head on over to Walmart, you will be fortunate to see Nick’s lovely smile.


Love Out of Loss

There are many disheartening stories in the news these days but they are not all that way. My sister told me about this news story a little while ago, but today I read it for myself. A woman named Elizabeth Diamond was a single mother to four daughters. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and it was already at stage four in August of 2014. The sad part of the story is that there is no fighting back from that level of cancer development and she passed away from her illness. 
Sunnyskyz.com reported that before any of this happened one day Elizabeth told her best friend since childhood, “If anything ever happens to me, I want you to take my girls.” Laura Ruffino has fully honored that request. Without even a few moments hesitation, she has made her four member family an eight member family. I know that would have made me stop and think. At least to talk to my family and ask them how they would handle adding so many children into the house. The girl’s ages are between five and twelve years old. Ruffino’s family though has acted in the same generously open manner that the matron of the house has. The Ruffino’s own two daughter’s ages twelve and thirteen have given up having their own rooms so that the four sisters could be closer together. Rico Ruffino was quoted as saying “Ten years ago I didn’t think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you, you just accept the challenge and do the best you can.” 
This whole family has taken in four children; who truly need the sense of stability now more than ever. Family is a word with the most flexible of definitions. Happily, these girls will not be faced with having to be split up. The system will not have to find a way to harbor four more orphans. I wish we all had friends like the Ruffinos. Buffalo Wellness Center, of which Elizabeth Diamond was part of the board, has set up a crowd-funding option at youcaring.com. They did this to help the Ruffinos and their new extended family deal with expenses of taking on so many members so quickly. I suppose one of the lessons of this story is that you do not know just how far true friends will go for love.

Magli the Makeup Artist Goes Viral for Her Celebrity Makeup Transformation Video

These days, makeup is the has become a form of witchcraft. We’ve spent over a year wondering how Kylie Jenner achieved her plump lips, everyone knew they weren’t all natural but the debate wasn’t about their authenticity, it was about getting down to the facts. Kylie’s mysteriously plump lips drove women and girls crazy everywhere, and when asked, Kylie insisted that she’d never had work done on her lips. Kylie actually insisted that she didn’t have any desire to have any form of cosmetic surgery or enhancements. The internet wasn’t satisfied with Kylie’s short answer to social media’s burning question, and before long the Kylie Jenner Challenge was taking over.

Teenagers all over the world were uploading videos of themselves, sucking their lips into shot glasses in an attempt to get the famous Kylie pout. Unfortunately some of the videos resulted in trips to the emergency room, and others just looked ridiculous. Kylie took to social media once again to tell everyone that her lips were simply a mixture of over lining her natural lips with liner, and filling them in to look fuller. Oddly weeks later the clips of Kylie admitting to using temporary lip fillers went viral and the real secret is out.

As much as people would love to believe that makeup can work magic, it’s obvious that makeup can’t totally transform someones appearance as drastically as Kylie tried to make us believe. But the truth is that makeup actually can, make a person almost unrecognizable. In Drake’s latest music video for his song “Energy,” makeup artists use their talent to transform him into Miley Cyrus, Oprah, Kanye West and Justin Bieber. If Drake can look like Oprah with the help of makeup, anyone can look like just about anything.

It looks like someone else wants in on the the fun, recently a makeup artist by the name of Magali went viral after a uploading a video of herself transforming into various celebrities. Anyone who has been on social media, is likely to have see the video of woman that goes from looking like Drake, to Jay-z all with the help of makeup. The video is both amazing, and equally spooky, you can’t help but be impressed with the skills of the artist. At one point of the video the woman transforms into Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Tupac and even Chris Brown. 

Magli is from Paris, currently living in St Marteen, and she already has a large following on Instagram and youtube. Her viral video is getting her lots of attention, but from the looks of her social media pages, this isn’t the first time that she’s done drastic celebrity makeovers. Magli’s video is everywhere right now, and thats a good thing because she has her sights set on a successful career. With all the focus these days on the power of makeup skills, it’s starting to look like maybe less people will have to opt for a trip to the doctor’s office, as long as they know how to work a brush.

Joseph Bismark: Spiritually Minded Business Leader Or Business Minded Spiritual Leader?

Is Joseph Bismark a business leader who understands spirituality, or is he a spiritual leader who knows business? I think that if he were to be asked this question, he would say, they are one in the same. Everything in balance brings peace and harmony, which leads to success in business and success on your spiritual journey. Bismark, the founding director of the Qi Group, has been on both a successful business journey and also a successful spiritual journey. He is not a man that merely guides, he leads in every area of his life.

From the age of nine until seventeen, Bismark lived with monks in the mountains of the Philippines. Upon returning, he entered directly into the business world but with a completely different outlook than most. Joseph believed that everyone had the potential to succeed. It was this belief, and the understanding that achieving a balance in all things leads to success, that opened many doors for Bismark. One of his biggest opportunities was as the managing director for Qi Group. Bismark is an inspirational leader who laid the foundation for the incredible growth of his company and developed a management style that is more consultative than dictating. Because of Bismark’s unique upbringing, he has been able to infuse a sense of personal responsibility and social leadership into the corporate world.

Joseph felt that it wasn’t enough to simply lead his employees in a healthy lifestyle and service to mankind. He felt these philosophies should be ingrained into the company as a whole. This led to the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Qi Group as well as empowering the company to venture into the wellness and organic food markets.

Bismark didn’t stop there. One of their latest ventures at Qi Group is in the area of education with the opening of Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. The university is a private institution focusing on research with global impact. Students of QIUP will leave university with much more than an education, they will leave with an understanding of their impact on the earth and other human beings through the schools “green” concept.

Joseph Bismark has laid a clear path for himself and the future of his company. He understands that the concept of success held by society is a temporary state of being. This is why Joseph understands that he needs to use his knowledge to help others gain ground, because that is the real measure of success. Bismark lives by the belief that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” It is his mission to assist others on their journey to do great and wonderful things. Bismark himself put it best when he said, “We are not the physical body, we’re spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”

If the saying, “life is like an echo, what you put out comes back to you”, is true, then Joseph Bismark is in for some really wonderful and enlightening return.


Why Everyone Should Follow His Spiritual Road

Joseph Bismark is the head and leader of several different businesses. He has encompassed many businesses because of his growth and way of loving in his early years in life. He spent most of his early years in the Philippines learning how to be a monk, and he discovered the life of being in the industry and how to live life the right way. He was there for about eight years, and he was taught the Ashram way of living. He eventually left the life of being a monk, and he went on to becoming a part of the QNet family and has helped bring it to the top of the industry. His achievements are seen via hardwork, but what most don’t know is that he always took his educated self from the Philippines into his life even until today.

Joseph Has Brought The Beauty Of Sprituality Into Marketing

What sets this guy apart from the rest of the people in the world of marketing and business is his approach to life in general. He studied the world of Adhram in the Philippines, so he has developed some strong principles that have taken him to places that others can only dream of. This guy is known for his constant support of his fellow employees, and he prides himself on honing the crafts and knowledge of those whom he works with. He is a strong who knows and understands the goals involved with the industry.

When he got into the corporate world, he did things that other people didn’t. He integrated within the people he worked with a sense of friendship and professionalism, as a down to earth guy, most people will explain him as humble and easy to talk to. He is not boastful or anywhere near being a show off. He spreads love and kindness everywhere that he goes, and he is quite a unique guy who takes on the world differently.

How Does He Treat Employees As The Boss?

One thing he does differently is treat everybody the same thing. He does not treat a young person starting in the company disrespectfully. He gives each person equal akojnts of respect, and he takes the time out of his day to help everybody work together as a team. He is quite unique in this regard. He works closely with his group and partners, and he builds each person up by providing encouragement and kind words.

He Belives In Spirituality

He is a firm believer in spiritual growth as a human being. He says that this sense of growth is developed by providing meaningful service to humankind. This is why he devotes a huge part of his time to the activities found at the RHYTHM Foundation. This is the corporate social responsibility aspect of the QI Group, which he helped co-found.

With a blog on the web, big workshops, and being at public speaking events, he strives to help as much people as he can in the world. He does all that he can to share his message if hope, strength, and humility to the people who look up to him.

Joseph Bismark is the epitome of what a businessman can become when he uses the mind, his soul, and the teachings of those who came before him. Most people who have worked with him and still do today have explained that he is a delight to be around and is clearly very deep in his roots. Joseph has remained humble, and the leadership skills he possesses can be used by anybody who takes the time to home in on their true gifts.

Joseph Bismark: Merging Spirituality into Business Marketing

Joseph Bismark has used a dynamic approach which proves that the concept of spirituality and business can be merged for levels of success that were never thought to be possible. This has been achieved with a sense and a level of aggressiveness that has won plaudits from across the world. From his tender age at the age of nine when he left the luxury and comfort of his home to his time as a monk and his life in the corporate world, Joseph applied the principles he learnt to distinguish himself in the industry.

Distinguished Qualities

One of his most remarkable accomplishments is his management strategy in co-founding Qnet with Vijay Eswaran. He has carved the distinction of keeping faith in the individual abilities of every one that he works with and harnessing such diversity in the business world. This is well encapsulated in his belief in the notion of team work for moving forward. Perhaps the most influential aspect of his leadership ability is the emphasis on the fact that you have to grow with people. This is important because it is the same people that contribute to the growth of the individual on the one hand and the growth of the business on the other hand. His actions match his words.

It is worth noting that the taste of success has not altered the belief in the basic and core values that Bismark embraced since his venture into in to the corporate world. His treatment of success as a state that is temporary has been credited has being influential in making him maintain his positive attitude and quest to constantly move forward. Another important aspect of Bismark’s spirituality is his appreciation and consideration for the employees working for him. As opposed to the traditional sense of hierarchy that is common in many business entities, Bismark has embraced the concept of brother hood. This has not only served as a deep part of motivating everyone but has also provided a basis for highlighting that business can be a source of family and societal values. It is this positive distinction that has placed Bismark as a role model to millions of admirers across the world. The inspiration that he provides cuts across individuals and groups from across the globe with different backgrounds and other affiliations. However, it has been his fundamental doctrine that success should not be measured simply from a materialistic approach but rather from a sense of meaningful service that is solely brought about by spiritual awakening.

Bismark’s contribution continues to be seen in a number of ways. This is particularly through the philanthropic activities that ha he has initiated to better the lives of millions of marginalized and under privileged members of the society. The qualities that he has displayed over the years without deviating from his spiritual sense have led to him being one of the most successful managers. With a close backing from the individuals who have had the chance to serve under his guidance, Bismark continues to have a deep sense of hard work to guide his daily activities. Despite the praise that he continues receiving, Joseph Bismark has maintained his humble demeanor and continues to focus on more ways of becoming an influence in the lives of other in a positive manner.

Joseph Bismarck Takes Alternative Approach to to Business Leadership

I have always admired those that make an attempt to go off the beaten path. Joseph Bismarck is one of those types of people. He rose in the corporate world and became a leader, but he wasn’t fulfilled. He felt like there was a part of his journey in life that had not been explored. The fact that he was unsatisfied is what prompted him to change. Bismarck took a bold step and became a monk. This would transform the entire way that he did everything in his life.

From my perspective this may be the most courageous thing that one has ever done. It is astounding to rise in the ranks in the corporate world and depart from all of this. I could not imagine doing this, but Bismarck somehow knew that this was what he had to do in order to become satisfied with his own life. It was from new clarity that he has found a way to build a bridge back to the corporate world with a new mentality. He has been able to offer advice through a host of books and blogs – along with motivational speeches – about a new way to get reach goals in the business world.

What Joseph Bismarck has done is bring a sort of spiritual connection to the business world. Here is a person that has seen all of the cutthroat business principles and said that it is time out for that way of doing business. I wholeheartedly support this spiritual connection to business because I believe that no business can be successful without the human element. Clients are still human beings. They have friends and family outside of work. Everything cannot be treated like a business proposition where lives are affected by the work that is being done in the business world.

Joseph Bismarck, in a way, reminds me of Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. Huffington has always been vocal about taking a step back from business and not working yourself into a coma. She has seen the value of mediation after injuring herself from work exhaustion. Joseph Bismarck, but the same principals, believes that people can choose to work along as a group to eliminate the high levels of stress that a single worker may encounter. He is a true believer in encouraging one another to thrive in the business world.

As the director of business operations for the QI group it has been rather easy for Joseph Bismarck to implement his strategy from a top down perspective. I have found that his approach as the Managing Director for the QI group is refreshing since this company was already in a transition phase. The company had the intentions of restructuring the corporate division in 2008 and Bismarck’s spiritual approach to leadership may have been just the thing that the company needed in order to rebuild. It is evident that he has made a good impact because the company has flourished and he still holds this position.

I applaud Bismarck for talking a walk on a path that is uncommon in the business world. There are far too many companies that have bad leaders so Joseph is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant corporate climate that has forgotten about working together as a team. His Gems of Wisdom blog is quite an uplifting website for those that are trying to survive in the business world. He uses a lot of analogies that are simple that can be related back to the business world. This is what makes him the ideal leader to build better customer relationships.

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Singing to the Choir

The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus just made history after touring Turkey and Israel in which they became the first fully gay choral group or choir to perform concerts in the Middle East. Even with such a joyous and monumental feat the choir’s performance in Istanbul was nearly taken down by rampant and sudden attacks of homophobia. A newly built hall that is being hailed as an acoustic marvel was to be home to one of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus’ performances. Many of the men posted on their social media sites just how excited they were to perform there and get a chance that many singers around the world would not be able to get. The name of the sound hall is the The Zorlu Performance Center. Those who own and operate the sound hall were eager to welcome the men’s group so that the citizens in their community to marvel at the choir’s talents. The performance center put the group’s tickets on sale and were shocked to find out that fundamental extremists were protesting the performance and the concert hall. With such a wide range of hate coming from the citizens the city had no choice but to cancel the performance.

An LGBT student group and the administration at Boğaziçi University helped find a space for the group to perform their set. More than 3,000 people showed up to hear the choir sing and they were even joined on stage by Charles Hunter. Charles Hunter is the US Consulate General of Istanbul, Turkey. Hunter joined the group and they sang Katy Perry’s “Firework” for all to hear as their final number. These men have traveled the world and have met the same type of troubles that they had to deal with back home. For the author of this article and his choir mates the experience that they lived through in Turkey is a reminder that no matter how far you go there is always someone who will not agree with you. In the same respect, there will always be someone who is looking to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Ciara Did The National Anthem Justice

When someone performs ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ you can guess that there will be some negative reviews of it. There have been many celebrities over the years who have made a mess of the precious song, and now every time that it is being sung people feel on edge, waiting to see if the singer will be the next to mess it up. But, fans at the All-Stargame, and those watching it on TV, got to hear a performance of the song that they could feel proud of. No one had to wince when Ciara sang the national anthem. She did the song justice.

There are so many events that you attend where a singer won’t put their all into this special song, but Ciara’s versionwasn’t one of them. It was an honor for her to be able to sing this song in front of a crowd as large as the one at the All-Star game, and she didn’t miss the opportunity to impress. She did her best to sing the song well, and everyone was impressed by her performance. Instead of messing up the song, like so many other celebrities have done before her, she was able to do the song justice. She made everyone proud with the performance that she gave.
After she was done singing the song, Ciara received many tweets from other celebrities telling her what a good job that she had done. Her good performance of the national anthem didn’t go unnoticed. It was a win for everyone when she decided to try her hardest to sing this song well. Everyone at the game got to enjoy a song that was well done, everyone at home that was watching the game got to do the same, and now Ciara has also gotten a little bit of attention for what she has done, as well.

Prince William Gets A Job; Donates Salary to Charity

Prince William, the second-in-line to Britain’s throne, received the first emergency call 2 hours after reporting for work as an ambulance pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, a charity which provides emergency helicopter assistance across eastern England. This job is not new to him as he has previously been a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue pilot based on an island off Wales.

The Duke of Cambridge, 33, finished his training 3-year training as military search and rescue helicopter pilot in training to adapt to his new private citizen role.

William will juggle between his roles as a Duke, as a family man and as an emergency pilot, working four nine- and-a-half hours for four days and 4 days off. He first started his stint with the East Anglian Air Ambulance two months after his daughter Charlotte and went through months of training and exams.

On a side note, the prince lovingly referred to young Prince George as “a little monkey” and the two-month old Charlotte “as a little joy of heaven.”

He believes that taking this job will keep him grounded and it’s what he’s trying to become – trying to be a good guy doing what he can and trying to live a decent life. He is aware that it may not be a forever job, as he has to do a stiffer job when he becomes king, but he is willing to do this while he can.

He will be bouncing back and forth from his job to his wife and two young children spending time between the family’s apartment in London and Anmer Hall, on the Queen Elizabeth II’s private estate in Norfolk, eastern England.

His job will be tackling more about road traffic crashes and once in a while they also have to respond to sporting injuries and other accidents. The salary that he will be getting from his employers the Bond Air Services helicopter operators in the amount of £40,000 ($62,000, 56,000-euro) will be donated to charity in full.